Federal Railway Authority

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Directorate 3

Rolling Stock, Operations

In Directorate 3 "Rolling Stock, Operations" the process of initial operation of new vehicles and operating systems on both national as well as European levels is managed and decided.

The main responsibilities of Directorate 3 are as follows:

  • Approval, commissioning of rail vehicles and their components for the federal railways
  • Monitoring of the operational secure condition of rail vehicles
  • Supervision of railroad operation
  • Issuing of approval and exceptions to the regulations of the EBO/ESBO/ESO
  • Specialist technical reports for vehicle workshops for the maintenance of the railroad vehicles
  • Principle matters of jointing technology, the technical work safety, environmental protection, fire protection etc. for rail vehicles as well as the monitoring of installations inside vehicles and installations of the EdB
  • Monitoring of the transportation of dangerous goods according to the dangerous goods laws for railroad, awarding of certifications for the transportation of dangerous goods on roadways
  • Approval of reviewers
  • Examination and confirmation of railroad operation managers
  • Supervision according to the infection safety laws.