GSB 7.1 Standardlösung

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The National Investigation Body

The National Investigation Body (EUB) is headed by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. All operational functions are performed by the EUB’s rail accident investigation branch, which is administratively part of the Federal Railway Authority (EBA). The tasks of the EUB are defined by the General Railways Act (AEG) and the Railway Accident Investigation Ordinance (EUV). According to these, the EUB carries out investigations after serious accidents and takes action if there is evidence that a dangerous incident could have led to a serious accident.

Irrespective of whether the EUB becomes involved in an individual case, the undertakings must report, investigate and evaluate dangerous incidents in their operations and initiate appropriate corrective and preventive measures. This is defined by the provision of the General Railways Act, which states that undertakings must guarantee safe operation.

The EUB’s work is independent from judicial investigations and is not aimed at establishing fault or clarifying questions of liability or civil claims. The EUB can make safety recommendations as part of its investigation.

For further information please visit the EUB’s website.