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Topic: law, publication from: 2014.07.01

Passenger Rights - Complaint Form - Rail

The Federal Railway Authority is the national enforcement body for Regulation (EU) No 1371/2007 in Germany.

If you feel your passenger rights have not been respected and you have already made a complaint to the railway operator, but you are dissatisfied by their reply, please use the Passenger Rights form to submit your complaint to the Federal Railway Authority.

The personal data that you have given us is only processed for handling your complaint pursuant to Art. 5a (8) AEG (General Railways Act). In dealing with your complaint, the Federal Railway Authority may have to question the railway undertaking concerned. The Federal Railway Authority forwards your complaint, if necessary, to the responsible regulatory body. In any other case this information is not accessible to third parties nor do we pass it on to third parties in any form, unless expressly consented.