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Topic: infrastructure

Railway-specific Building Regulations Lists (EBRL)

The Railway-specific Building Regulations Lists for building products with railway-specific requirements (EBRL) are to be regarded as supplementary to existing building regulations lists A, B and to C of the Deutsche Institute für Bautechnik (BRL (DIBt)) (German Institute for Structural Engineering).

The BRL (DIBt) applies without limitation to the area of Railways of the Eisenbahnen des Bundes (EdB) (German Railways) unless amended or supplemented by the EBRL. Applicability is in accordance with the preliminary information in the BRL (DIBt). Further details are given in Section 3 of the Administration Regulations for Building Supervision in Civil Engineering, Permanent Railway Engineering and Structural Engineering of the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (VV BAU). Until further notice, the updating of the Railway-specific Building Regulations Lists E A, E B and the Railway-specific List EC and of the Railway-specific supplements and annexes to the BRL (DIBt) will be in line with the updating schedule of the BRL (DIBt). The document is translated in several European languages below.


Attention: These documents are translations of German texts. Only the up-to-date German versions of these texts are binding.