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Topic: Maglev


Design Principles High-speed Maglev System (MSB)

Project-neutral design principles have been drafted for high-speed maglev systems and their individual subsystems. The "Eisenbahn-Bundesamt" (EBA - German Federal Railway Authority) proposes to apply this documentation as "engineering rules" in the sense of Section 3 Paragraph 1 of the "Magnetschwebebahn-Bau- und Betriebsordnung" (MbBO - Maglev Construction and Operation Regulations).


This documentation applies to maglev systems in the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with the "Allgemeines Magnetschwebebahngesetz" (AMbG - General Maglev System Act).

Structure of the Documentation

Similar to a basic standard, this documentation lays down the generally accepted technical and operational requirements for a high-speed maglev railway system that are project- neutral. These requirements constitute the principles for the design, planning, realisation and operation of high-speed maglev projects. Reference is also made to existing engineering rules that apply to high-speed maglev systems. The regulations according to DIN 820 have been applied by analogy in the preparation of this documentation. The degree to which the requirements are binding has been defined by reference to DIN 820, Part 2, E, and has been taken into consideration when formulating the individual requirements.

The documentation comprises the MSB design principles listed in the table below.

Complete System

50630 Complete System (GS)
67536 GS – Annex 1 Abbreviations and Definitions
67539 GS – Annex 2 Statutes, Regulations, Standards and Directives
67285 GS – Annex 3 Environmental Conditions
69061 GS – Annex 4 Rules for Operation (Train Operation and Maintenance)
72963 GS – Annex 5 Noise


67698 Vehicle Part I General Requirements
67694 Vehicle Part II Design
67650 Vehicle Part III Kinematic Gauge
73388 Vehicle Part IV Levitation/Guidance System
73389 Vehicle Part V Brake System

Drive and energy supply

50998 Drive and energy supply

Operation Control System

53328 Operation Control System


57284 Guideway Part I Primary Requirements
57288 Guideway Part II Design
41727 Guideway Part III Geometry
60640 Guideway Part IV Alignment
60641 Guideway Part V Surveying
63842 Guideway Part VI Maintenance

List of Documents

Attention: These documents are translations of German text. Only the up-to-date German versions of these text are binding.