Federal Railway Authority

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The Federal Railway Authority

The Federal Railway Authority is the German supervisory, licensing and safety authority for railways and railway undertakings.

Over 2/3 of all railway undertakings in Germany are subject to supervision by the Federal Railway Authority. Some regional railways are supervised by the federal states, although in many cases the latter exercise the option of transferring this supervision to the Federal Railway Authority.

The numerous functions of the Federal Railway Authority include plan approval for facilities of the federal railways, the authorization of rolling stock and railway infrastructure, and the granting of funds that the Federal Government has made available in the rail transport sector. In addition, the Federal Railway Authority enforces passengers’ rights.

The Federal Railway Authority is an independent German higher federal authority and is part of the Federal Transport Administration. It is subject to supervisory and legal control by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport.

On our English website, you will find information on the subject of cross acceptance. In addition, we provide answers to frequently asked questions on the licensing process and safety certification for railway undertakings.

The Federal Railway Authority is the national enforcement body for European passengers’ rights in Germany. We therefore also explain how we can help you in asserting your rights as a passenger.